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My favorite projects involve people who are passionate about their craft, whether they are musicians, brewers, or other artisans. I love feeling that sense of camaraderie and community among people who feel just as passionate about their craft as I do mine.

Below are a selection of articles, music reviews, and blog posts that I’m proud to feature on my writing portfolio. In addition, I’ve included links to past clients for whom I’ve written web content and press releases.

Thanks for looking through my portfolio. If you have any questions, or would like to request additional samples, please e-mail me at info@jlowatari.com.


  • Birth of a Revolution” – San Diego Jewish Journal – April 2015
  • Amplifying the Local Music Scene” – San Diego Jewish Journal – March 2015
  • Beginner’s Guide to Lagers” – PASTE Magazine – March 2015
  • Beginner’s Guide to Sours” – PASTE Magazine – March 2015
  • Andrea Hankins feature – Edible San Diego – March 2015
  • Beginner’s Guide to Belgian Ales” – PASTE Magazine – Feb. 2015
  • Beginner’s Guide to Tasting Beer” – PASTE Magazine - Jan. 2015
  • Beginner’s Guide to Craft Beer” – PASTE Magazine – Jan. 2015
  • Microloans Could Save Tired Starving Artists. How ROSCA’s Can Save Music, Art And Film.” – The Plaid Zebra – Nov. 2014
    • Excerpt: So why not get a loan? The answer might be obvious for those who consider themselves poor artists, writers, and musicians, much like RC Krueger. First, most bank loans are for large amounts. Think ten thousands and more. That’s overkill. Consequently, we don’t want to be indebted to a bank for years. And let’s not even talk about those of us with awful or no credit. And finally, not all of us trust or understand the workings of a major financial institution.
  • “Homebrewer’s Dream Come True” – Craft Beer Magazine – July 2014
    • Excerpt: Many of us dream of one day opening up our own breweries. And in San Diego, some are. As of May of 2014, 32 breweries are planning to open in San Diego County, and that’s on top of the 88 operational brew houses already open, according to the San Diego beer publication West Coaster. Some say that San Diego’s beer bubble may soon burst, but it’s obvious that many more disagree.
  • Mindfulness Meditation: Or how I learned to be an adult” – eat.drink.craft. – Jan. 2014
    • Excerpt: When I first quit my job to pursue self-employment (a fate of dire proportions), the mental fog and lack of routine created days where I would bounce between Reddit, research articles, forums, emails, and more forums while watching Bones on Netflix. My website? Unfinished. Photos to edit and post in my store? Sitting in a folder. Earrings for the store? A coiled mess of wires, beads, and stones.

Music Reviews & Features

  • Sledding with Tigers: an interview with the funny, irreverent, and passionate Dan Faughnder – eat.drink.craft. – March 2015

  • Artist Preview: Jordan Chini’s “The Hour Glass” from His Upcoming Debut EP – Villains Records – Oct. 2014

    • Excerpt: Jordan Chini’s self-titled, debut EP is a blast from the past that meshes 60s and 70s rock with modern sensibilities. The amount of vocal harmonies and instruments on this EP is dizzying, especially when you realize Chini played, recorded, mixed, and mastered it all at recently-opened Sound JAR Studios in Valley Center, CA.
  • Band Spotlight: My My My uses community outreach and crowdfunding to reach out to fans – Villains Records – Oct. 2014
    • Excerpt: For a band whose name implies a selfish streak, you would think that Chicago-based My My My would be less hardworking and good-hearted than they actually are.
  • Portland’s Genders new album Get Lost – eat.drink.craft. – Dec. 2013
    • Excerpt: The album starts like a cool summer night: wind chimes on the porch, the wind represented by dreamy “ooh”s and a sense of loneliness as one sits with a cigarette on the front step. “Something To Get You By” exemplifies the album well, showcasing alternating vocalists and guitars that never seem to reach the apex of a crescendo.
  • pillowconfiguration – Facing – eat.drink.craft. – Nov. 2013
    • Excerpt: “Brooding” is the first word that comes to mind when listening to this moody song. The acoustic guitar jerks itself around. Each interruption builds on another. Then her voice joins in. It’s emotional, at times cracking. She and her guitar take turns arguing with each other. Sometimes they even try to out-yell each other, but they are arguing the same point: an incredible sense of loss, of dealing with death and not knowing that they both grieve.

Artist/Band Biographies

  • Beta Lion
    • Excerpt: Beta Lion describe themselves as the “itsy bitsy rock band that could,” but their sound is anything but itsy bitsy. Their noticeable camaraderie brings an energetic presence onto the stage, with poppy guitar and keyboard, dreamy vocals, and technical drumming. They practice hard and play hard, owing in part to how comfortable they feel around each other, and it definitely shows in their live performance.
  • Joe St. Thomas
    • Excerpt: Often claiming that the guitar is a vehicle for his real instrument, his voice, Joe St. Thomas downplays his musical and technical skill on the guitar. Ranging from poppy guitar riffs like in The Mountain Meadow video to his straight folk-inspired acoustic stylings as Joe St. Thomas, Joe is obviously a gifted musician and songwriter.
  • Sullen Ray
    • Excerpt: Starting off as a solo project, Sullen Ray has always had one unifying factor: Seth Eubanks. This softspoken man infuses everything he does with his deep commitment to community and constantly surrounds himself with friends and fellow artists. Embracing the changing band roster, he imagines his songs as movie scripts and the musicians as different actors, with each incarnation of Sullen Ray having its own personality.

Blog Posts

Website Content & Product Copy

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Press Releases

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  • Funny Animal App Provides Language Learning and Spatial Reasoning Practice for Children
  • Local and Independent: San Diego Friends Make Music and Art for the Community 
  • Villains Records Releases Digital Download of Latest Villaintines Compilation

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