About June

Portrait by long-time friend Socheath

About June’s Writing

In 2013, I quit my job as a manager at a local restaurant to become a full-time freelance writer. Since then, I’ve been published in The Plaid Zebra and Craft Beer Magazine, and commercially, I’ve written press releases, blog posts, and product copy for software companies, apparel sites, and musicians.

I’ve also built website content from the ground up for several professional clients, including a financial advisor and a makeup artist. Content building includes content audits and inventory, content strategy, branding, and the actual writing itself.

June’s Ideal Clients

I have the most fun with projects that involve passionate people. Whether that means you’re an entrepreneur, a beer and cocktails geek, foodie, human rights activist… I feel a special kinship towards those who are involved in the DIY scene: art, music, crafts, homebrewing.


I love craft beer, food, music, and reading. I educate myself daily on human rights, mental health, sustainability, prisoners’ rights… sometimes there’s not enough time in the day, unless I want to starve!

In my free time, I play the ukulele and write songs for my ukulele pop project Raymond the Sparrow, sing and play keys for noise-pop band Mariel, read and watch a lot of science fiction and fantasy, and pine over cute dogs on rescue sites.

I also tweet prolifically and would love to hear from you!

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