tarot with june

i want to use tarot to help build our community, strengthen our spiritualities, brainstorm creative projects and themes, and explore new perspectives on issues (yours, mine, ours).

i've been reading tarot since 2011 after a stay at the psychiatric hospital.

ask me about a reading or learning session.


tailored to what you need. feel free to chat with me first before booking a session!

all readings are free for the community:

the community includes but is not exclusive to: BBIPOC, queer/trans/nb/gq/LGBT+ folks, the unhoused, low-income or unemployed folks, and community activists and organizers.

no questions asked.

suggested tips listed below.

video chats:

perfect for those who need more of a back-and-forth; lets you ask further questions and pull additional cards dependent on time
examples: new perspective on an issue, creative brainstorm sessions

suggested tip:


perfect for those who need to reference the reading in the future
examples: birthday and anniversary spreads, story outline, character development

suggested tip:

flexible payment options:

pay what you can; trade art, item, or service; or a combination. i am currently offering tarot readings to members of the community for free. however, i graciously accept art, whimsical items, services, or financial tips.

book a session with me!


casual tarot consultations, no matter your level. ask me any questions. talk through your own readings. practice giving readings. develop a lesson plan together. look through my books. discuss tarot philosophies and foundations. seriously. anything.

this is a new service and i appreciate not only your feedback but your patience as i work out the kinks!

video chat only

book a learning session. let's tarot together!

updated on: September 12, 2020

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